Analyzing Media

By: Ashley Dean Analyzing media requires a person to gain Media Literacy skills. Just as young children learn to be literate in reading and writing, society needs to critically think and be media-literate. This blog post will cover an analysis of a particular media. CNN’s recent report and criticism on Melania Trump’s outfit demonstrates an … More Analyzing Media

Nike Slide Design

 By: Ashley Dean Project Specifics: For this project, I took an already existing ad for Nike and recreated a new ad with similar demographics, color schemes and came up with a new quote.  The original design says, “Stop Dreaming Start Working” which is inspirational towards those with exercise goals or any goals in general. This … More Nike Slide Design

Construction Icons

Target Audience Analysis: The icon demographics are targeted towards boys from ages 3-12 years old. This design appeals to my target audience because it has a cartoon look. The shapes of the tools are made simple intensionally to attract younger kids. The color scheme I used also attracts a younger generation because they are mostly … More Construction Icons


By: Ashley Dean Intro: This post will demonstrate different rules in photography that are essential in catching the viewer’s eyes to the points of interest in the photo. It will also show 3 photos taken by others and some personally taken that demonstrates the rule of thirds, leading lines and the depth of field. As … More Photography

Type Deep

By: Ashley Dean Intro: This picture was found on, Design your way  and the author is Deep Magazine.  The purpose of this design is to advertise the 34 year old actor, Tom Hardy. Typeface #1 The first typeface is a sans serif because the font is without serifs on the tips of the stokes.  There are … More Type Deep