Nike Slide Design

 By: Ashley Dean

Project Specifics:

For this project, I took an already existing ad for Nike and recreated a new ad with similar demographics, color schemes and came up with a new quote.  The original design says, “Stop Dreaming Start Working” which is inspirational towards those with exercise goals or any goals in general. This is a good design because it is relatable and makes the viewer stop daydreaming and start achieving what their dreaming.

For the actual existing ad I used for the orange logo and I got the Nike Campaign poster off of

The photography I used for the original ad is,  . The photos I used for my new ad are by Braden Collum  (the track runner picture) and the clouds I embedded in the background are from .  For the black Nike logo I used .

Target Audience:

The target audience is youth and young adults who are working towards achieving their dreams for the future. The design is intended to make the viewer want to work instead of dreaming it would happen. They would most likely view this ad in the front of the store on a poster or it would be quoted on a T-Shirt.

The design appeals towards my target audience because there is a young man in the picture, where his dreams are being put to work.

Design Analysis:

For this project I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign.  For the slide designs I used Indesign which is more professional than Microsoft powerpoint because you do not have any limitations when creating things on Illustrator.

For the ad campaign slides and analysis slides of the original ad, I went for a more clean/professional look. I also used the rectangle tool to create the shapes that underline, “Futura Font”, “White & Blue” and “Photography”.

For the new design I created, I used Photoshop to embed the clouds in the background and I used the eraser tool and the clone stamp tool to erase existing logos on the shirts of the athletes.

For typography I used Avenir Next Condens (sans serif) font to give it a professional look. I also made the text orange on top of the clouds to ad a good contrast with black in the picture.



New Ad Design:

For the new design I compiled the 3 images you see above to create this ad.  I embedded the clouds in the back and made them darker to match the black and white colors of the picture.





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