Poo-Pourri Creative Ad

By: Ashley Dean


Project Specifics:

For this creative ad project, we as a class had to use a project generator to determine what to create for our creative ad.  The generator chooses the demographics or target audience for the ad.  My demographics were air freshener for males from ages 65+. Where they would most likely view this media was either on TV or social media. For my project, I blended two images, the bottle with the logo on it and the sprayer on top of the bottle.

For the photographs I used http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=194748&picture=vintage-french-bottle-with-label for the bottle and the perfume sprayer I used http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=211904&picture=perfume. I used http://www.7kidsandus.com/2014/07/before-you-go-use-poo-pourri-toilet.html for the Poo-Pourri graphic in the top left corner by .

Target Audience:

The target audience are males from age 65+ in a relationship. Other target demographics are, they have a masters or doctorate with a $90,000+ income and their media consumption or where they would most likely see/view this ad is on TV and social media.

This design appeals to my target audience because it has darker shades which are more appealing to older men.  Older men can also relate to the slogan and find humor in it as well.

Design Analysis:

For this project I used Adobe Photoshop to blend the 3 photos together.  First I used an old-fashioned cork bottle and erased the original text using the clone stamp tool. Second, I used the clone stamp tool to erase the cork on top of the bottle.  Third, I took the perfume bottle picture and erased the perfume bottle with the eraser tool and then took the perfume sprayer and placed it on top of the cork bottle. Then in order to fit the TV demographic size, I cloned the entire right side of space. Lastly, I placed the logo on top of all the layers and chose this particular logo because it contrasted well with the rest of the colors.

For typography I used Adobe Caslon Pro Regular font to give it a more clean/professional look that complements the logo.




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